Super Arrogant Bros: Make Platforming Great Again

Look, let’s be very honest here. Today’s platforming genre is at a bad point. Gone are the simple days of great platforming games. The last great Sonic game was two years ago but before that? You get the idea. AAA platforming games are not up to snuff with what we Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros: What is Total War: Warhammer II

Here’s a subject that we rarely get into, war games. Specifically, strategy war games. This week, we get into something combining two of Stev’s favorite things, strategy games and the Warhammer franchise. It may not be Warhammer 40K, which is his specialty but, it still is fantasy, which was more Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros Episode 65: Dead Consoles Part 2: Sega Dreamcast

Welcome to the second week of Dead Consoles. Here, we discuss a favorite of Dirk’s, the beloved Sega Dreamcast. This will be the last week of Dead Consoles before moving to Spookaween during October and then going back to Dead Consoles in November. powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to Continue Reading