Super Arrogant Bros: Gay Anal Vampires

Civilization is going to end all because of the corona virus. Because of this, why don’t we take a look at some of our favorite post-apocalyptic games? What your yours? Let us know in the comments. But ho, what is this? Alucard has gay anal sex in the new season Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros: Let’s Talk About Gaming Journalism Again

Stev and I tend to speak to those who understand that we have some fundamental problems with gaming journalism with the worst offenders being Kotaku, Polygon and One Angry Gamer and why is that? Say what you want to about the likes of Tim Sweeney but, the way the likes Continue Reading

The Plastered Paladins: Trying Nuka-Cola

Gutman decided to treat the paladins to some thing different: a bottle of Nuka-Cola from the official Fallout cookbook by Bethesda. What the hell does it taste like? And since Gutman was able to try Fallout 76, what are his thoughts about it? Also, Dirk is rejoicing over the midterm Continue Reading

The Plastered Paladins Episode 60: SJW Politics In Comics

With the unnecessary politicization of the Black Panther movie, the paladins go over a couple things that make comics less fun, shoehorned SJW politics and bootlicking. powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to check out our links!