Java Fog: Special Guest: Firelink

This week, I’m joined by our guest, Harrison of the black metal band, Firelink. Have a seat and join us as we talk about the different ways that we have both been touched by our favorite things in gaming, music and more. Please consider supporting Firelink at and follow Continue Reading

The Arrogant Metalhead Episode 14: Hanzel und Gretyl

For this episode, I dive into one of my favorite bands who I also believe to be one of the most underrated, Hanzel und Gretyl. I’ll talk about what makes this band special while talking about their discography. To support Hanzel und Gretyl, check out (which is going through Continue Reading

The Arrogant Metalhead Episode 13: A Perfect Circle

After months of wanting to put more out, it finally happens with a new episode of The Arrogant Metalhead. How often will it be made? God only knows but, we’ll always welcome feedback on what people want to hear. Dirk goes over the history of A Perfect Circle and eve Continue Reading