Super Arrogant Bros Episode 70: Spookaween Finale!

After going over the status of NeoGAF, we go over final horror related topics including how horror comics lead to the censorship of comics in America. Thank you for joining us for a month of being spooky! Hide from the skeletons and turn on your favorite podcast app. It’s time Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros Episode 69: NeoGAF Is On Fire

NeoGAF is on fire and the flames are beautiful. While still into Spookaween, we could not help but to get into a discussion about this after the owner of the website and was accused of sexual assault and not the first time. People are jumping ship and there are no Continue Reading

Doctor Mitchard Vs. Fighting Games: Tournament Edition

There have been thousands of attempts at making the perfect fighting game. In fact, the longest running game series, and the longest running story line in video games is the Tekken series. But how much have fighting games changed? Are they really different from one another? What makes a good Continue Reading