Java Fog: Special Guest: Firelink

This week, I’m joined by our guest, Harrison of the black metal band, Firelink. Have a seat and join us as we talk about the different ways that we have both been touched by our favorite things in gaming, music and more. Please consider supporting Firelink at and follow Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros: What is Total War: Warhammer II

Here’s a subject that we rarely get into, war games. Specifically, strategy war games. This week, we get into something combining two of Stev’s favorite things, strategy games and the Warhammer franchise. It may not be Warhammer 40K, which is his specialty but, it still is fantasy, which was more Continue Reading

The Plastered Paladins: It’s Burgerfiend, Not Burgerfeen

Wouldn’t you know it? It’s just Dirk’s luck. Mitch discovers one of the best burger places he’s ever been to only to have Dirk come in and screw up the name all because he was there before the name changed. What a moron. Are you ready for Battle for Azeroth? Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros Episode 70: Spookaween Finale!

After going over the status of NeoGAF, we go over final horror related topics including how horror comics lead to the censorship of comics in America. Thank you for joining us for a month of being spooky! Hide from the skeletons and turn on your favorite podcast app. It’s time Continue Reading

The Plastered Paladins Episode 43: Dirk Gets a Friend Request

Welcome to a special episode of The Plastered Paladins where test out background noise to give the feeling of being at a tavern. After all, these paladins aren’t plastered at home. Be sure to give us comments about the audio and what suggestions you would have. powered by podcast garden Continue Reading