Java Fog: Special Guest: Firelink

This week, I’m joined by our guest, Harrison of the black metal band, Firelink. Have a seat and join us as we talk about the different ways that we have both been touched by our favorite things in gaming, music and more. Please consider supporting Firelink at and follow Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros: Dark Souls Remastered

Totalbiscuit passed away recently from cancer and EA/Dice are getting some heavy criticism for the new Battlefield V announcement trailer. Dark Souls Remastered finally came out and is it worth spending the $40 on? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments. powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Our very own Stev from Arrogant Media’s podcast, The Plastered Paladins joins us to talk about a long overdue subject, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We talk about what we like and dislike about the game mechanics and the political controversy that surrounds the game. All three of us have been able Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros Episode 84: Mitchard Is Dead

Doctor Mitchard is dead but, the show must go on. Dirk has been asked before on his top three games and instead of some in depth conversation with himself, why not go over those games? powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to check out our links!