Super Arrogant Bros: Dirk Goes To Wizard Wold feat Tiffany Vollmer

Dirk went out to the Wizard World Comic Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. During the weekend, he met some wonderful people including the voice of Bulma, Tiffany Vollmer, who is featured in an interview in the episode. We want to thank everyone from the Wizard World team and the people Continue Reading

The Plastered Paladins Episode 60: SJW Politics In Comics

With the unnecessary politicization of the Black Panther movie, the paladins go over a couple things that make comics less fun, shoehorned SJW politics and bootlicking. powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to check out our links!

Super Arrogant Bros Episode 70: Spookaween Finale!

After going over the status of NeoGAF, we go over final horror related topics including how horror comics lead to the censorship of comics in America. Thank you for joining us for a month of being spooky! Hide from the skeletons and turn on your favorite podcast app. It’s time Continue Reading