Super Arrogant Bros: Being “That Guy” in Tabletop Gaming

If you’ve been involved in Warhammer 40K, role-playing games or Magic the Gathering, you’ve most likely encountered “that guy”. You know. The kind of guy who makes the experience obnoxious for everyone. Maybe it’s the power player in your Dungeons and Dragons group. Maybe it’s the person who tries to cheat in a miniature war game played with plastic painted characters beloved by people all ages!

This week, the bros decide to expand a bit on what it means to be “that guy”.

Do you have a story of this kind of player? Let us know in the comments!

Games of the Week

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Paladins
  • Destroy All Humans

Music by TeknoAxe, and Iron Minstrel.

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