Super Arrogant Bros: The Great Fortnite Data Breach

Do you like talking about Fortnite? We love talking about this game that we avoid as much as we can and behold, the latest controversy involving a data breach leading to Epic’s own legal troubles. But here at Super Arrogant Bros, we have to wonder: what kind of people are being affected by this data breach?

After that, get ready for news involving 2K that is leading Dirk to feel like he’s flip-flopping between buying Borderlands 3 or not.

Now you might notice that this episode is much longer than normal and that’s because we are attaching this week’s episode of our new podcast, Java Fog, to the end and get ready to enjoy music from the guests of this week’s episode, the Dark Souls themed black metal band called Firelink. Before Java Fog begins, enjoy their song, “The First Sin”.

Music by TeknoAxe, Iron Minstrel and The Smash and Grab Ladies

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