Super Arrogant Bros: The Great Gearbox Oopsie

If you have ever worked in IT, you definitely had it rammed down your throat for good reason that confidential information absolutely must be guarded as the precious treasure that it can be. Some might recall training telling you not to do things like taking opportunities to embezzle your company. Well, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford might not have gotten that training or he skipped the modules telling him how dumb of an idea it is.

You see, dear listeners, Randy Pitchford didn’t just lose a USB drive that contained confidential information. Oh no. This man did far worse to the point where we now have sexually scandalous allegations against the man with even weirder excuses.

We’ve had Duke Nukem Forever and we’ve had Alien: Colonial Marines but, neither can compare to what Pitchford is accused of. Join us for a new episode of Super Arrogant Bros. The first of which had a speechless Stev!

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