Super Arrogant Bros: YouTubers and What Not To Do: DarkSydePhil Edition

Ever find an e-celeb and become so fascinated by them that you want to just absorb what content you can find from them? What if it’s because you’re not laughing with the YouTuber but instead, you’re laughing at them?

DarkSydePhil is someone that we have talked about before but we found the footage of what happened that lead to him being taken out of It’s not something new and in fact, it’s from 2010. No matter what time period it’s from, it’s still a reminder of how to handle things when you’re supposed to be an entertainer.

So here’s what I’d like to ask you, dear listeners. We are barely scratching the surface of DarkSydePhil and while we can talk about him, there’s still content out there you can find about him. Make sure to vote on Madcast Media if you’d like to have us continue talking about him and sharing audio from footage of his blunders. If you want it, we’ll do so in a couple weeks.

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