Super Arrogant Bros: E3 2018 Special feat. Stev

E3 is finally over after all of the hype and preparation for disappointment. Joined by Arrogant Media’s beloved Stev, we go over our thoughts on what was announced during this wonderful yearly event. What were your thoughts on E3? Do you think you saw some announcements that got you excited? Continue Reading

Before You Pre-order

How was 2018’s E3? Did you find some games that got your ding-dong hard? How about that Ghost of Tsushima? Looks fucking cool, right? Like you want to go to your local GameStop right now to pre-order this game. Stop right there. Don’t do it yet and consider what you’re Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros: The Journalists Respond To Valve

E3 has just started and the boys have some thoughts on both EA and Microsoft’s panels and by god, they were a mess. After Valve takes a hands-off approach to how they will have games on their platform, our “favorite” journalists lash out at them only to have Valve eventually Continue Reading

The Plastered Paladins: Gushing Over Poe and Lovecraft

The paladins take a good amount of time gushing over both Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft and after, Stev talks about one of the biggest problems creating stagnation in gaming hobbies. powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to check out our links! Arrogant Media’s Facebook Page Arrogant Media’s Patreon Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros: Dirk Goes To Wizard Wold feat Tiffany Vollmer

Dirk went out to the Wizard World Comic Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. During the weekend, he met some wonderful people including the voice of Bulma, Tiffany Vollmer, who is featured in an interview in the episode. We want to thank everyone from the Wizard World team and the people Continue Reading