A New Hope (For Star Wars)

While I set here anxiously waiting to race to the theater to catch Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I find myself thinking back both fondly, and trepidatiously on the franchise. Many amazing media regarding Star Wars have been thrown at us over the years and I cant help but feel anger over the future. Star Wars movies have done VERY well since the debacle that was The Phantom Menace. Especially the newest wave (Force Awakens, Rogue One). Also, with Disney buying 21st Century Fox, there will be some interesting things on the horizon for our beloved franchise. On the video game side, however we are 0/2. Both new Battlefronts have been dumpster fires of the highest order. Most of us die hard fans are holding out for different companies making a new KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) or a next gen Jedi Knight game. As it stands now, the future is bleak for gamers, but shining for movie-goers. Regardless, if you are a fan, get out and support the Star Wars media that you like, and not support the ones that you don’t. I for one hope that this franchise continues for many more decades.

Resident Arrogant Media Star Wars Nerd, Raven.