The Plastered Paladins Episode 54: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

People are not the happiest with the newest installment of Star Wars and neither are we. After Dirk took so much time trying to reconcile with friends like Jesse P-s of Pod Awful, he recorded some of his final thoughts. powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to check out our Continue Reading

Super Arrogant Bros Episode 75: Gaming Awards

The yearly gaming awards on Spike TV happened again. While there were some award winners that deserved it, we did notice some “weird” things like Destiny 2 being a runner up for what it should not win. powered by podcast garden Don’t forget to check out our links!

The Plastered Paladins Episode 53: Magic Controversies and Gundams

Remember the guy who “harassed” Sprankles out of the Magic the Gathering community? He got banned for live and we go over how the controversy is getting people to leave. Also, Gundams. You like Gundams, right. Dirk tries describing G Gundam to Mitchard who has a hard time believing him. Continue Reading

The Arrogant Metalhead Episode 13: A Perfect Circle

After months of wanting to put more out, it finally happens with a new episode of The Arrogant Metalhead. How often will it be made? God only knows but, we’ll always welcome feedback on what people want to hear. Dirk goes over the history of A Perfect Circle and eve Continue Reading