The Plastered Paladins: Where’s Episode 39?

I have a shitty update to give you regarding the new episode. Episode 39 was recorded and while we decided we would not talk about Chrlottesville, guess what happened? We talked about Adult Swim. But then, we talked about Charlottesville and the problem is that the political climate is so awful that I was not comfortable putting up the episode. This is a subject matter where people are more than happy to talk and not listen. I don’t want that.

So episode 39 will be next week’s and what we recorded last Thursday may be put up later as bonus content. Or I could just take the Adult Swim conversation and put it up. Who knows? Either way, I don’t want to just not put up an episode and leave you without an update. If you have any subjects you want to hear us talk about, please let us know. We love interacting!

Thanks for listening.

-Captain Dirk