Super Arrogant Bros: Make Platforming Great Again

Look, let’s be very honest here. Today’s platforming genre is at a bad point. Gone are the simple days of great platforming games. The last great Sonic game was two years ago but before that? You get the idea.

AAA platforming games are not up to snuff with what we have been able to see from indie titles. Why is that?

For news, we get to have something amazing coming from Projared but at the same time, more awful news from Zoe Quinn. Tune in for a specially packed episode.

Music by TeknoAxe, Iron Minstrel and The Smash and Grab Ladies

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Super Arrogant Bros: The State of Platformers

Lately, there’s been a lack of platforming games unless you count the couple crowdfunded games and we wanted to get into what has changed since the blossoming days platformers being at their hight of popularity.

Do you still play platformers? Make sure to vote and tell us your thoughts on the genre. Is it still relevant to you or are platformers something in the past?

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