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Java Fog: On Rob Zombie

We are very happy to bring you the very first episode of Arrogant Media’s new show, Java Fog, a talk show branching into whatever subjects that Dirk can get into.

This week, we will be talking about how different Rob Zombie’s music has turned and what we would like to see changed going forward.

If you have any subjects you would like us to talk about or ideas for each episode’s trivia, shoot us a message.

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The Plastered Paladins: On Spooky Horror Films

My oh my, it’s the first week of Halloween unless you’re one to believe that Halloween is a lifestyle. And what is Halloween without some damn good and horrible horror films?

Apologies go to our listener, Martin, since we were supposed to answer his question. Instead, we were too caught up talking about horror films going from the ones we think are dogshit to the best.

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