Patrons and Friends

Did you know that there are people to blame thank for helping our podcasts and website? We wanted to make a page dedicated to those people. Arrogant Media started as just one podcast done with a cheap USB microphone and no website to something has opened doors for us and given a creative outlet. Every listener helps make this podcast network worth the time and effort. With the most sincerity we can give, thank you. Let’s get on with the special mentions.

-Captain Dirk


If you like what we do and want to support it, please consider becoming a patron at This helps us with webhosting, podacst hosting, tools, recording equipment and more. Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.

Patrons ($1 and up)

Cosmic Owl
Martin Christopher
Ian McInerney
Erica Dohrer-Robe
Bradley Ockenfels

The League Of Super Friends ($10 and up)

SPoKie DoKie
“Love the Prophet, cause he loves the Sinner, Love the Sinner, Because he is you. Without the Sinner, what need is there for a redeemer? Without Sin, what grace has forgiveness?”

Sleepy Sage
“Life is but a dream…”

Melanie Fox
“Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.”

“All the dinosaurs feared the T-Rex.”

Friends Of Arrogant Media

Maddox and Madcast Media

One of the biggest influences for Dirk working on his projects from writing to podcasting, Maddox started with in the 90’s. Since then, he has written three books, The Alphabet Of Manliness, I Am Better Than Your Kids and F*ck Whales and even runs his own podcast network. Check out for The Best Debate In the Universe, Game Fart and Cringe vs Cringe.