Behind the Mics

Captain Dirk

Before podcasting, he used to write for Stage Rage Magazine writing CD and concert reviews and interviewed some of his favorite musicians such as Max Cavalera of Soulfly and David Vincent of Morbid Angel. Starting with a shoestring budget and his biggest influences driving his work, Captain Dirk set up the podcasts that turned into his favorite way of creating content.

Doctor Mitchard

The catalyst that started Arrogant Media. Doctor Mitchard was hanging out outside with Captain Dirk and casually talked about wanting to start a podcast. The podcasts and this website would not exist without him and his absolute dedication. The good doctor argues that he has many surviving patients and some of them even have all of their limbs.


Perhaps, he is the person who makes The Plastered Paladins what it is. Stev drunkenly stumbled into Captain Dirk’s apartment and rambled about Warhammer 40K and then, he talked about Dark Souls (kind of) and Dirk said that he was hired. To this day, Steve still doesn’t know that he is recording a podcast.


From being one of the biggest fans to eventually becoming one of the biggest contributors to Arrogant Media, Mel has helped with not only helped with discovering new listeners but also contributing for graphics and photos. Each photo of the Arrogant Media team has been done by her and she has helped with photoshoots including during the Psychostick interview.