Day: February 11, 2020

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Java Fog: Wild West of the Internet ft. Kirk Wilcox

A collaboration I have been particularly excited for! I’m happy to present the conversation I had with a good friend of the show, Kirk Wilcox. Kirk goes at least as far back as I do with the internet and was the co-founder of the satirical website, and we’re also very happy to present to you some unread hate mail he has not gone over until now.

For this episode, we go over the question on if people like us look back at the internet and its humor with rose-tinted glasses and what it was like to try to break through online from Maddox’s website to making flash animations on Newgrounds.

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Super Arrogant Bros: When Should an Online Game Die?

Despite the intentions of Bioware to fix Anthem, it seems that we simply do not have a real demand for a game that is very dead at this point. In fact, most of us would rather have a good Knights of the Old Republic or Dragon Age game.

This got us thinking, when should an online game die? What’s keeping games like Team Fortress 2 doing so well after 12 years?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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